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Restoring Humanity is a Lofty Goal. Who's Coming with Me?

I spent my life thinking I could change the world before I realized it’s not’s WE. For the past twenty years, I’ve had the honor of serving as a leader, a partner and coach to leaders and now an advisor to leaders, teams and companies, big and small, who want to get better. Just like you. Just like me. My journey has led me to become a leadership coach and speaker and to build We Restore Humanity.

Like yours, my journey has been full of twists and turns. Some which hurt. All of which I learned from. All of which made me who I am today and able to contribute my best to this work. Learn more about my journey and how I can help you on yours.

My Journey:

  • I wanted to be a teacher since I was young and when the neighborhood boys and I weren’t throwing mud bombs and building forts, I schooled them in our basement.

  • I became a people leader when I was 20 and thought I knew a lot. It took me a while to learn that I didn’t.

  • I rose up the ranks quickly and found that I was working towards promotions instead of making an impact.

  • I learned what it was like to lead former peers. Then I learned what it was like to lead leaders and a whole new world opened.

  • I met and married my life partner, Scott, and we’ve started three businesses together and will forever be working on our most import project – raising our twins to be good humans.

  • I’ve worked for companies and made an impact by creating programs and raising energy on what was needed most to engage their talent and help them perform and contribute at their best.

  • Two years ago this month, I left a wonderful job at a successful company after they had invested a lot into making me a successor to the Chief Human Capital Officer. It was a tough decision to leave my teams and the work, but I was being called to start my own company.

First things first – I took a six-month sabbatical to rest and gain clarity from years in the race. I took care of myself and my family better than I had ever done before.

That sabbatical helped fuel my energy to start advising businesses on their strategy and leveraging their humans differently. Working with a variety of clients, choosing my work and leveraging my advising muscles differently was invigorating. Then, driving home from visiting my family on Christmas Day 2017, it hit me: I need to get closer to my passion – what wakes me up early and fuels me to work hard.

Restoring Humanity

To bring the humanness back into our everyday connections, whether at work or in life. Addressing the issues that distract and weigh down individuals and companies from moving forward.

I’m ready to listen to the call and can’t wait to see where this ends up!

My next few blog posts will share more about my views on individuals, companies and how we can work together to restore humanity into the big and little moments every day. I’ll share a lot of my lessons and adventures in building strategy, advising leaders and executives and interacting with humans. Hold on tight, friends – it’s going to be fun!

Peace and Progress,



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