Hybrid Work Now & Next: 5-Point Roadmap for Moving From Scrappy to Sustainable

Mar 17, 2021

By Own Your Culture Co-Founders Anna Oakes, and Angela R. Howard


“Pivot!”  “Asynchronous” “New normal!”  “Remote/Hybrid/Virtual”



The shifts required in 2020 and into 2021 are indeed unprecedented.  They also provide tremendous opportunity to do better and differently in this next chapter of our individual, and collective, lives.  Many of us, and our companies, were scrappy and figured out how to keep things moving when we were thrown into remote work.  But, many groups merely lifted and shifted their schedules into Zoom rooms.

Is this about transformation?  We prefer “evolution.”  With a key focus on asking, “What could we be doing better or differently?”

Because remote work is here to stay.  According to a recent UpWork survey (2021) 1 in 4 Americans will be working entirely remotely in 2021 and by 2025, 36.2 million Americans will be working...

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Transparency: Increase Employee Loyalty During Covid-19 and Beyond

Apr 15, 2020

One of the timeless leadership behaviors is transparency and it’s an action that can gain you both customers and high performing employees.

Given how the world of work has shifted in the past month, leaders and companies will need to up their transparency to build trust and increase performance.

3 Practices for Transparency

There are many companies practicing transparency externally: Patagonia is open about their supply chain and Southwest Airlines flipped the script with fare transparency, or “transfarency.” But, compared to the amount of companies being transparent with their customers, there are few companies practicing internal transparency with their employees.

Like many of my clients, you may be asking yourself, “How?!”  Here are three ways companies can leverage this time of change to practice transparency with their employees:

Start Sharing More Detail

My guess is your company has shared their mission,...

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Anxiety at Work: COVID and Beyond

Mar 31, 2020

With all the chaos and recent changes influencing our lives, organizations and teams are experiencing unprecedented challenges to their efficiency, synergy, and overall well-being. There are so many things currently out of our control.  This can make existing anxiety worse or cause new anxiety to surface. Anxiety at work is a real possibility.

How can you take ownership of your mental health and ensure your work remains productive and successful? How can you manage your anxiety in this scary time?

It can be a lot, I know. We’ve got you. I sat down in a recent episode of the Build High Performing Teams Podcast to talk with Richie Burke. He’s a business owner, podcast host and like me, has anxiety. These are the highlights from our time together.

Leveraging these four strategies can help you minimize anxiety and maximize your impact during times of change. We’ve linked to some great resources for each of the strategies and if you want more, click...

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Remote Work Productivity: Stack Your Week

Mar 16, 2020

Have you ever patted yourself on the back about being a “masterful multi-tasker?”  Perhaps, like me, you used it as a selling point for a promotion or new job?  I’m going to go out on a limb and say you can identify.

You need to stop.  WE need to stop.  And right now, as we’re quarantined, we have a great chance to start a new rhythm. This is a process that will make your remote work productivity excel – but can help during “normal” times too!

Stacking Your Week

Stacking my week saved my sanity.  It’s the practice of grouping like activities that require similar strengths to execute in order to increase your effectiveness, conserve your energy and maximize your impact professionally and personally.

It’s one strategy that I implemented in my own career at corporate and still use now as a business owner.  I’ve also implemented with teams, departments and orgs, both...

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Make Sure Money Doesn't Wreck Your Leadership and Career

Nov 07, 2019

Money is a complicated topic.  And it’s a constant in our lives, whether we’re worrying about how to get it, how to spend it or how to invest it.  

There are very few places that are more apt to get messy when it comes to discussing money than in the workplace.  Employees want it.  Leaders have to manage their budget and distribute compensation fairly while maintaining the engagement of their team.

Getting this right is key for building a high performing team.  We have to improve our relationship with our own money, as well as money in the workplace.

“What could a leader do to get a more healthy relationship with this money that’s actually, technically not theirs?  But it is theirs to reward a team that’s at least theirs to care for?”

Anna Oakes

If you’re a leader, or would like to be at some point in your career journey, there are three things that you can do to improve the...

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The Two Most Important Weekly Meetings You Can Have

Sep 18, 2019

In many organizations and teams, spending the day in meetings is the norm.

Shocked? Didn’t think so.

I’m not going to convince you to back out of all of your meetings today. Although there is a case for that. To be part of a high performing team, I do want you to allow time for the two most important meetings you can have during a week.

Meet With Yourself

Before you connect with anyone else during your week, you must connect to yourself. A “ME Meeting.”

If you are not grounded in how you’re feeling, what your priorities are and the demands on you are, you’ll easily be tossed around.

I suggest one-hour every week. I prefer Sundays as it helps me wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the week on Monday. Some do it Monday morning, as they don’t like to interrupt their weekends. Perhaps try both a few times and see which produces results and makes you feel good.

Some people use a planner, some their phone calendar. To me, it’s...

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Dumbed Down by Competition

Aug 15, 2019

3 Steps To Move From Competition To Collaboration

You may be naturally competitive. Or perhaps you aren’t. Either way, ENVY did make it onto the list of the 7 deadly sins.  Don’t worry, it’s also considered a “strength” – something to be leveraged! – by Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment.  Either way you view it, the likelihood that you’ve experienced feeling competitive at work – the place you spend the majority of your waking hours – is pretty high.

Learn how to leverage your feelings to help maximize your impact and become a high performer with three helpful tips.

Why bother?  It’s proven that you’ll do better if and when your competition does better.  And the reverse is true…when their performance worsens, yours may too!

Name Your Feelings

“Why him?”

“How did she land that account?”

“Of course they closed the account, they had a...

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6 Scientific Steps to Advance Your Career

Jun 03, 2019

I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants gal. Well, at least at my core. But, the reality of 25 years in the workforce, coaching leaders and owning my own businesses have taught me two things. One, that establishing rhythm can help with your mental and physical health. Two, that establishing processes can help you get to more creative, more impactful outcomes in the end. That rhythm and those processes can be extremely beneficial to you and your career.

The Scientific Method + Your Career

Most people I talk to want one thing – to be more fulfilled in their work. Perhaps they feel it’s not the best fit. Or they know they aren’t giving their best. Or they feel a distracting itch to do something different. Any of this sounds familiar?

Whatever the cause of the feeling, the desire to be more fulfilled is achievable. IF we approach it like a scientist would.

1. Name The Problem

If you are feeling unfulfilled at work, can’t decide what you want to be...

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The Top Secret to Positively Influence the Culture of Your Organization

Mar 20, 2019

This is part 4 of a 7-part series on “Reclaiming Your Voice At Work” that explores the different reasons our voice and impact weakens over time and strategies to reclaim it.

Every organization, be it corporate, non-profit, school, church or club has its own distinct cultural attributes.  Some of them are made very clear through vision, values and even employee handbooks. Many remain unseen and unspecified, causing confusion and disenchantment with both the organization and your work. Reclaim your voice and strength on the job by learning how to navigate complex cultures and the changing world of work. No big surprise – the key is COMMUNICATION!

Things Couldn’t Be More Foggy

I’ve coached leaders and worked with organizations from corporate America, non-profits, churches and schools. No matter where I go, fog exists. Business needs change often and organizations need to adjust, often very quickly.  Communication channels aren’t...

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Feeling Lost? Evaluate Your Strengths to Maximize Your Career

Feb 19, 2019

This is part 3 of a 7-part series on “Reclaiming Your Voice At Work” that explores the different reasons our voice and impact weakens over time and strategies to reclaim it.

Whether you are an introvert, extrovert, ambivert or omnivert, we each have amazing traits and aspects of ourselves that can also jam us up if not managed and nurtured.  These traits can be our strongest tools or our biggest downfalls in determining our career growth.

Through increasing your understanding of how your style and strengths can affect your career, you’ll be more in control of how you show up and maximize your impact!

Good Day, Bad Day

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “dark side.”  The meaning can vary, but overall it has a negative context.  I would argue that by embracing both sides of us we’ll be more self-aware, which is the number one predictor of success for executives. Instead of squelching our dark side, we can learn to be aware of...

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