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I'm Anna Oakes - Founder & CEO of Oakes Co.

My main goal in this life is to restore humanity back into our work and workplaces - one human being at a time.

Raised by hippies to believe I can change the world (without a cape!), I'm combining my love for humanity with 20+ years of corporate experience as a leader, coach, and strategic business advisor. Why? Because I believe we (as leaders and employees) can do better, be better, and make a positive impact wherever we are.

Whether I'm coaching a group of leaders, giving a keynote speech, or running a workshop, I will always bring business sense, patience, and creativity to the table.

I'm passionate about everyone leveraging their strengths and maximizing their impact. Throughout all of my work, I'm dedicated to helping organizations and leaders honor their NOW and get to where they want to go NEXT.


Work with Anna

"Oakes Co. has a knack for taking large, organizational opportunities and making them actionable by humanizing them.  Anna Oakes has the corporate experience to understand the issues, but approaches solutions with the people who will be impacted in mind.  She thinks like a CEO, but connects like a mentor or friend." 

Forest Richter, Founder & CEO of Fresh Coast Labs

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