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On this page, you'll see TONS of ways that I have serviced teams, leaders, and employees to leverage their strengths, thrive during times of change, and build and sustain their high performance.

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The big-idea person who wants to make a big impact within their organization and get to their "best next." I see you. Let's work together to maximize your impact by understanding how to leverage your experiences and skills more effectively, navigating organizations, and moving your ideas forward.

1:1 Career Accelerator

A 4-month program with 1:1 coaching, tools, and resources, and your secret weapon (me!) for deepening your impact. You'll leave with increased knowledge of how and when you can increase your impact through a career plan, time management plan, and project plan to present your current organization an idea that could add value to the business or its people.

Group Coaching

You've found your people, you've done the reflection work, you've prepared your plans, and you're ready to expand your growth through the power of a cohort. This group coaching experience provides tailored content for the needs of the group and connection with other INTRApreneurs who desire to deepen their impact.

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While we love to help individuals thrive, there is power in numbers!

As a team, we partner to ensure your employees are growing and impacting. While the desire to have your employees "think like owners" is a great aspiration, we believe that creating "INTRApreneurial skill sets" is far more effective.

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Work with Anna

Work with Anna

If you're interested in any offerings on this page, let me know and we can discuss how I can help YOU.

"She was engaging with the group throughout the session, created an open environment for others to connect who otherwise may not have, and she was a genuine joy to work with."

Christina Haidemenos, Client Success Manager at Socialeads


"It is truly hard to define the immensely positive impact that Anna has had on both my current organization and my personal professional development. Her calm and collected nature provides organizations and leaders an option to open up to the possibilities of a future state that may not have been in their vision before."

Becca Kremerman (Steffen), Director of Talent Solutions at newance, Co-Owner of Kremerman Realty


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