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Meet Your Coach, Anna Oakes!

Raised by hippies to think she can change the world (without a cape), Anna combines her love for humanity with her 20+years of experience as a leader, coach and strategic business advisor.

Whether keynoting, running a workshop or coaching a group of leaders, Anna brings her business sense, patience and creativity to the table.

Passionate about leveraging your strengths and maximizing your impact, Anna’s work is focused on helping organizations and leaders honor their NOW and get to where they want to go NEXT.

She recently gave a TEDx talk on the topic of INTRApreneurs. These are the idea people, displaying “entrepreneurial qualities,” that are often underutilized within an organization – corporate, non-profits, churches and schools alike!

Anna is passionate about helping YOU reclaim your voice and reengage in your work, ensuring your get the most out of your experience while contributing your maximum impact!

"I appreciated Anna's candor and thoughtful insight as we worked through company, team and my own individual needs as a leader. She routinely guided me through complex situations, leveraging my strengths as a leader and working with our company's culture. Anna has the ability to provide important guidance while at the same time staying focused on our overall business strategy. I value her perspective and grounded approach and would recommend her wholeheartedly."

Executive, Financial Services

"Anna Oakes is an incredible strategic partner. Her ability to leverage talent in order to enable the business is second to none. During the time we worked together, she coached me to be a more impactful leader by empowering my team to drive results."

Director of IT

"It is truly hard to define the immensely positive impact that Anna has had on both my current organization and my personal professional development. Anna is a safe pair of hands. She can be trusted to implement best practices and follow through on change management. Her calm and collected nature provides organizations and leaders an option to open up to the possibilities of a future state that may not have been in their vision before. Anna is truly one of a kind and I would jump at the opportunity to work with her at any time!"

Chief Operating Officer

A Few Of Anna's Organizational Clients


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