Meeting-In-a-Box Guides 


Do you spend countless hours planning for meetings? When you finish leading a meeting, do you ever wish that collective time would've been more productive, or more impactful?

The Meeting-In-a-Box products below are facilitator's guides to walk you through topic-specific meetings step by step. They include expert tips, strengths check-ins, and even suggestions on what questions to ask.

From scheduling the meeting to follow up, these guides are your perfect companion to have an efficient, impactful meeting.

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Freebies & Mini-Guides
Meeting-In-a-Box Guides

Meeting-In-a-Box: Feedback Done Right

  • Facilitator's guide for midyear or year's end performance reviews
  • Unlock expert advice & tips on the performance review process
  • Leverage your feedback in a way that encourages, motivates, and advises your employees
  • $9.97 value

Meeting-In-a-Box Facilitator's Guide to Accompany Anna's TEDx Talk

  • Review and dig into the key takeaways of Anna's TEDx Talk, "Leverage Your NOW to Get to Your Best NEXT"
  • Learn to leverage your own strengths, and the strengths of your team
  • Ensure that your entire team is working in their "zone of genius" to maximize performance, personal growth, and collective impact
  • $12.99 value

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