Freebies & Mini-Guides


In the freebies below, we've consolidated essential concepts into quick and efficient mini-guides! Many of the free guides hone in on one part of a Meeting-In-a-Box. Sooo... If you are hesitant about purchasing one of the Meeting-In-a-Box guides I offer, these free mini-guides are a great place to start.

If you have any questions about a product, please feel free to email [email protected] at any time!

Freebies & Mini-Guides
Meeting-In-a-Box Guides

3 Steps to Get Ahead Without Changing Jobs

  • Learn how to leverage your past experiences
  • Utilize your current role, team, and organization for your professional development
  • Identify ways to increase your impact where you are right now

Own Your Performance Review

  • Employee mini-guide to prepare for and own your midyear check-in or annual review
  • Know how to prepare, what questions to ask yourself
  • Shift your mindset so that your leader's feedback is a constructive influence for positive change
  • If you're a leader, send this mini-guide to your employees so they can prepare!

Upgrade Your Feedback

  • Leader mini-guide to prepare for midyear check-ins and annual performance reviews
  • Shift your mindset so that your feedback process encourages high performing employees and teams
  • Know how to prepare so that you can provide constructive feedback

HR Leaders: Strengthening Your Place As a Strategic Partner During Times of Change

  • Learn how to maximize your role in HR
  • Get some quick tips on change management
  • Leverage your role during times of change to prove yourself as an asset to your leaders and your organization
  • Listen to the BHPT podcast episode with Jay Salim

Anxiety at Work: A Guide for COVID-19 and Beyond

  • Shift your mindset to prioritize your mental health (tip: it always affects your performance even when you think it doesn't!)
  • Learn how to manage your emotions in the workplace
  • Recognize your anxiety at work and how to address it
  • Listen to the BHPT podcast episode with Richie Burke

Own Your Career: A Mini-Guide to Accompany Anna's TEDx Talk

  • Highlight the key takeaways of Anna's TEDx Talk, "Leverage Your NOW to Get to Your Best NEXT"
  • Learn to recognize and leverage your strengths in an impactful way
  • Develop awareness of your past experiences and current opportunities to prepare the best you can for your future

Mindsets + Values for High Performing Teams (Especially During COVID-19)

  • Learn the 4 mindsets of high performing teams based on Spiique values
  • Develop techniques and habits for team productivity and success
  • Apply Steph Clarke's mindsets and values in an accessible way
  • Listen to the BHPT podcast episode with Steph Clarke

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