COVID-Related Products 


If you're still feeling the weight of COVID-19 and all the chaos that came with it, these products are for you! Though the topics could apply to work in general, we made these products specifically for virtual teams and remote work.

If you have any questions about a product, please feel free to email [email protected] at any time!

Freebies & Mini-Guides
Meeting-In-a-Box Guides

HR Leaders: Strengthening Your Place As a Strategic Partner During Times of Change

  • Learn how to maximize your role in HR
  • Get some quick tips on change management
  • Leverage your role during times of change to prove yourself as an asset to your leaders and your organization
  • Listen to the BHPT podcast episode with Jay Salim
  • Free!

Anxiety at Work: A Guide for COVID-19 and Beyond

  • Shift your mindset to prioritize your mental health (tip: it always affects your performance even when you think it doesn't!)
  • Learn how to manage your emotions in the workplace
  • Recognize your anxiety at work and how to address it
  • Listen to the BHPT podcast episode with Richie Burke
  • Free!

Mindsets + Values for High Performing Teams (Especially During COVID-19)

  • Learn the 4 mindsets of high performing teams based on Spiique values
  • Develop techniques and habits for team productivity and success
  • Apply Steph Clarke's mindsets and values in an accessible way
  • Listen to the BHPT podcast episode with Steph Clarke
  • Free!

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