Speak Your Truth: to Others, But First to Yourself

May 08, 2018

My post on 4/3 tackled getting into alignment at work and it was a doozie!  Many of you had requests to go a bit deeper into the content, so I will break it in pieces and share a bit more about each of the “7 Ways To Get Alignment At Work” (and in life!).  This is an expansion of tip #4: Alignment With Others – Speak Up 

“Every word has consequences.  Every silence, too.”

Jean Paul Satre

We spend a lot of time standing in judgement of others and ourselves.  Questioning motives and outcomes that others have caused, and those that we’ve been involved in.  Somewhere along the way we’ve lost touch with our truest self.  The one who remembers what it’s like to be human.  To have their feelings hurt.  To doubt their own abilities.  To stop speaking our truth.

Solution-Focused and Forward-Looking

A strategy to increase the impact of speaking up is to ensure that your conversations...

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