The Top Secret to Positively Influence the Culture of Your Organization

Mar 20, 2019

This is part 4 of a 7-part series on “Reclaiming Your Voice At Work” that explores the different reasons our voice and impact weakens over time and strategies to reclaim it.

Every organization, be it corporate, non-profit, school, church or club has its own distinct cultural attributes.  Some of them are made very clear through vision, values and even employee handbooks. Many remain unseen and unspecified, causing confusion and disenchantment with both the organization and your work. Reclaim your voice and strength on the job by learning how to navigate complex cultures and the changing world of work. No big surprise – the key is COMMUNICATION!

Things Couldn’t Be More Foggy

I’ve coached leaders and worked with organizations from corporate America, non-profits, churches and schools. No matter where I go, fog exists. Business needs change often and organizations need to adjust, often very quickly.  Communication channels aren’t...

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How Positive Reinforcement will Improve Toxic Relationships

Oct 10, 2018

Toxic relationships suck.  In last week’s blog, I discussed 3 Effective Ways To Turn Relationships From Sour To Sweet and shared that addressing it was the first step.  Now to sustain it we need to use positive reinforcement to point out the progress!

Like Begets Like (positive = more positive)

A few years ago I was coaching two Executives that weren’t hearing or seeing each other as well as anyone would have liked.  After numerous coaching sessions 1:1 with me and the three of us together, we were at a place to try practicing what we had discussed.  Calling out the positive shifts was a key part of the process, as it honored the work and progress that each of them had made.  It accelerated their progress tremendously and can do the same for you!

It may seem hard at first, complimenting the person who is causing you frustration or pain.  However, the old adage “kill them with kindness” does have merit.  It...

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