Make Sure Money Doesn't Wreck Your Leadership and Career

Nov 07, 2019

Money is a complicated topic.  And it’s a constant in our lives, whether we’re worrying about how to get it, how to spend it or how to invest it.  

There are very few places that are more apt to get messy when it comes to discussing money than in the workplace.  Employees want it.  Leaders have to manage their budget and distribute compensation fairly while maintaining the engagement of their team.

Getting this right is key for building a high performing team.  We have to improve our relationship with our own money, as well as money in the workplace.

“What could a leader do to get a more healthy relationship with this money that’s actually, technically not theirs?  But it is theirs to reward a team that’s at least theirs to care for?”

Anna Oakes

If you’re a leader, or would like to be at some point in your career journey, there are three things that you can do to improve the...

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