Hybrid Work Now & Next: 5-Point Roadmap for Moving From Scrappy to Sustainable

Mar 17, 2021

By Own Your Culture Co-Founders Anna Oakes, and Angela R. Howard


“Pivot!”  “Asynchronous” “New normal!”  “Remote/Hybrid/Virtual”



The shifts required in 2020 and into 2021 are indeed unprecedented.  They also provide tremendous opportunity to do better and differently in this next chapter of our individual, and collective, lives.  Many of us, and our companies, were scrappy and figured out how to keep things moving when we were thrown into remote work.  But, many groups merely lifted and shifted their schedules into Zoom rooms.

Is this about transformation?  We prefer “evolution.”  With a key focus on asking, “What could we be doing better or differently?”

Because remote work is here to stay.  According to a recent UpWork survey (2021) 1 in 4 Americans will be working entirely remotely in 2021 and by 2025, 36.2 million Americans will be working...

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Transparency: Increase Employee Loyalty During Covid-19 and Beyond

Apr 15, 2020

One of the timeless leadership behaviors is transparency and it’s an action that can gain you both customers and high performing employees.

Given how the world of work has shifted in the past month, leaders and companies will need to up their transparency to build trust and increase performance.

3 Practices for Transparency

There are many companies practicing transparency externally: Patagonia is open about their supply chain and Southwest Airlines flipped the script with fare transparency, or “transfarency.” But, compared to the amount of companies being transparent with their customers, there are few companies practicing internal transparency with their employees.

Like many of my clients, you may be asking yourself, “How?!”  Here are three ways companies can leverage this time of change to practice transparency with their employees:

Start Sharing More Detail

My guess is your company has shared their mission,...

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Make Sure Money Doesn't Wreck Your Leadership and Career

Nov 07, 2019

Money is a complicated topic.  And it’s a constant in our lives, whether we’re worrying about how to get it, how to spend it or how to invest it.  

There are very few places that are more apt to get messy when it comes to discussing money than in the workplace.  Employees want it.  Leaders have to manage their budget and distribute compensation fairly while maintaining the engagement of their team.

Getting this right is key for building a high performing team.  We have to improve our relationship with our own money, as well as money in the workplace.

“What could a leader do to get a more healthy relationship with this money that’s actually, technically not theirs?  But it is theirs to reward a team that’s at least theirs to care for?”

Anna Oakes

If you’re a leader, or would like to be at some point in your career journey, there are three things that you can do to improve the...

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Yup, Some Leaders Really Do Suck!

Feb 11, 2019

This is part 2 of a 7-part series on “Reclaiming Your Voice At Work” that explores the different reasons our voice/strength weakens over time, and strategies to reclaim it.

Leadership is a lot like parenting.  You are electing to be responsible for another human’s engagement, not to mention support and provide them with resources.  And similar to parents, we tend to think we have it all figured out until we become one! Then we realize there’s a lot to learn!  Leaders aren’t your Mama or your Daddy, nor should they act like it. They should take their role seriously and work to get better.  Unfortunately, the cards are often stacked against their success as people leaders.

When you don’t have a great leader, or at least access to them, your voice can become tired, lost and eventually weaken. Understanding the obstacles a leader faces will help you on your own career journey and help you reclaim your voice!

The Power of...

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INTRApreneurs: Ideas to Impact

Jan 10, 2019

Opionated. Creative.

You never stay in your lane. Business savvy.

  Unhappy with the job you were given. Entrepreneurial.


Individuals working for an organization who display creative or entrepreneurial strengths. Idea person. Desire to be leveraged. Often misunderstood resource.

Do you know an INTRApreneur? Are you an INTRApreneur?

They Call You The “Idea Girl,” Eh?

I was an INTRApreneur for years, although that label is fairly new so I didn’t call myself one. In fact, I really didn’t even think too much about it. I just was who I was.

I was curious about all areas of the company, saw endless opportunities, wanted to help be part of solutions and typically wasn’t afraid to share my ideas. I befriended others like me, but still played nicely with others. As I look back on my career trajectory from an Individual Contributor (someone who is responsible for their...

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3 Effective Ways to Take Relationships from Sour to Sweet

Oct 01, 2018

We can agree that having good working relationships is ideal.  But working with other humans can be HARD. With a little intention and positivity, it gets a whole lot easier.  The first step is the most important – addressing it.  I’ll share three options you have, which can even build on each other, in today’s post.  

Don’t Suffer In Silence

I can hear you now…”I’ve tried to make it work with them, but they’re impossible!”  I’ve been there. There are certain people out there that you may never fully click with.  There are many strategies that can make all the difference. In fact, my last blog series tackled six strategies to improve relationships.  

In my experience, to make lasting, impactful change we can’t assume that the other person is feeling the same frustration.  Like it or not, addressing it is critical to moving forward. Don’t worry, depending on your...

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Seal the Deal in Relationships

Jun 20, 2018

My post on 4/3 tackled getting into alignment at work and it was a doozie!  Many of you had requests to go a bit deeper into the content, so we’ve covered five of the “7 Ways To Get Alignment At Work” (and in life!).  This post is an expansion of the last two tips:  #6, Make New Agreements and #7, Set Check-Ins.

We’ve expanded each tip in the last 5 posts:

  1. Take Ownership: Bring Down the Judgement and Up The Curiosity To Improve Relationships
  2. Know your own talents. Stop Acting Like You Aren’t Awesome. Own it, Invest and Dominate.
  3. Consider What You Want. P.A.D. Yourself to Get Clear On What You Want
  4. Speak Up. Speak Your Truth: To Others, But First Yourself
  5. Ask questions and listen. How To Engage Others To Move An Issue Forward, Without Ticking Them Off

Now we move on to #6 Making Agreements and #7 Setting Check-ins.

Shake Hands On It

Maybe literally, but at least figuratively.  If you...

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How to Engage Others to Move an Issue Forward, Without Ticking Them Off

May 22, 2018

My post on 4/3 tackled getting into alignment at work and it was a doozie!  Many of you had requests to go a bit deeper into the content, so I am breaking it in pieces to share a bit more about each of the “7 Ways To Get Alignment At Work” (and in life!).  This is an expansion of tip #5: Ask Questions and Listen

Focus on Them

If you’re working to get alignment with others, you have to make it about them first.  What are their opinions on the situation or topic?

This should be a balanced approach, as you want your interaction to be forward-looking and solution-focused and not appear to accuse them of anything.  Often, before we get there we need to allow the other person to “catch up.”  Specifically, you want to understand how the other person believes they are impacting the situation/outcomes.  There’s a dance that needs to happen here:

  • Share what you believe is the situation.  Ask for their thoughts.
  • ...
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Speak Your Truth: to Others, But First to Yourself

May 08, 2018

My post on 4/3 tackled getting into alignment at work and it was a doozie!  Many of you had requests to go a bit deeper into the content, so I will break it in pieces and share a bit more about each of the “7 Ways To Get Alignment At Work” (and in life!).  This is an expansion of tip #4: Alignment With Others – Speak Up 

“Every word has consequences.  Every silence, too.”

Jean Paul Satre

We spend a lot of time standing in judgement of others and ourselves.  Questioning motives and outcomes that others have caused, and those that we’ve been involved in.  Somewhere along the way we’ve lost touch with our truest self.  The one who remembers what it’s like to be human.  To have their feelings hurt.  To doubt their own abilities.  To stop speaking our truth.

Solution-Focused and Forward-Looking

A strategy to increase the impact of speaking up is to ensure that your conversations...

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Bring Down the Judgement and Up the Curiosity to Improve Relationships

Apr 10, 2018

Last week’s post tackled getting into alignment at work and it was a doozie!  Many of you had requests to go a bit deeper into the content, so I will break it in pieces and share a bit more about each of the “7 Ways To Get Alignment At Work” (and in life!).  This is an expansion of tip #1: Take Ownership.

Judgey McJudgerton

We’re all biased.  We all judge.  And those things affect the way we see the world, our work and other people.  

I recently was talking with a friend who shared an interesting realization.  She had been doing some reflection on her “learned beliefs,” those beliefs we are exposed to growing up through our home life, activities, people we meet, etc.  One of her a-ha’s is that her whole life she felt animosity and a sort of anger towards people with big families.  It was only when she looked back into her learned beliefs that she was reminded of negative comments about large families...

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