Either Quit Your Job OR REENGAGE In Your Work!

Jan 29, 2019

You’ve spent enough time on the outskirts, playing it safe.  I know you’re tired and discouraged. I’ve been there. But sitting on the bench is wasting your talent and hindering good work from getting done – are you probably aren’t experiencing any career growth!  Step onto the field and play your heart out.  

If you aren’t ready to do that, then perhaps it IS time to consider finding something new.  But, before you go there – please try these steps!

There is power in reframing your perspective when you’re cloudy at work.  I shared three strategies on this a few weeks ago.  In last week’s post I discussed a technique I’ve found to be helpful in reclaiming your voice after we’ve slowly turned the volume down over and over through the years (add link when published).  But the biggest step for all of us, the choice we need to make daily when we show up to work…REENGAGE!

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