You are Human. So is Your Company. 6 Questions to Assess the Health of Both.

Mar 28, 2018

Focusing On The Health Of Your Organization is Key

My work with organizations and individuals in the corporate realm and now as a strategic advisor has led me to one powerful mantra: we are all human.  The leaders, the employees, me.  I look at the organization as a living, breathing, beautiful and fallible human.  They  should always be striving for improved health.  Patrick Lencioni shares that Organizational Health Trumps Everything in a great Harvard Business Review podcast.

The “human organization” has a given “corporate” name, a family of sorts (employees), strengths to maximize on, weaknesses to accept, dreams and health conditions to nurture or care for.  These companies become a “human organization” that I grow to love and care for.  It may seem complicated to view it this way, as there are so many moving parts and people.  I believe it’s just as complicated and unpredictable as one...

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