P.A.D. Yourself to Get Clear on What You Want

May 02, 2018

My post on 4/3 tackled getting into alignment at work and it was a doozie!  Many of you had requests to go a bit deeper into the content, so I will break it in pieces and share a bit more about each of the “7 Ways To Get Alignment At Work” (and in life!).  This is an expansion of tip #3: Consider What You Want.

We’ve become a society under water with ideas, inspiration and a LOT of influence coming in hot from all angles.  So, in a world with so much access and information, it’s even more important for us to slow down and consider what WE want.  I’ve found three things help me in getting, and staying, clear on what I want.


Definition: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Many things we do in life are tough.  In fact, I think some of the best things are the toughest.  Following your heart.  Raising babies.  Walking away from a...

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