Bring Down the Judgement and Up the Curiosity to Improve Relationships

Apr 10, 2018

Last week’s post tackled getting into alignment at work and it was a doozie!  Many of you had requests to go a bit deeper into the content, so I will break it in pieces and share a bit more about each of the “7 Ways To Get Alignment At Work” (and in life!).  This is an expansion of tip #1: Take Ownership.

Judgey McJudgerton

We’re all biased.  We all judge.  And those things affect the way we see the world, our work and other people.  

I recently was talking with a friend who shared an interesting realization.  She had been doing some reflection on her “learned beliefs,” those beliefs we are exposed to growing up through our home life, activities, people we meet, etc.  One of her a-ha’s is that her whole life she felt animosity and a sort of anger towards people with big families.  It was only when she looked back into her learned beliefs that she was reminded of negative comments about large families...

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