Dumbed Down by Competition

Aug 15, 2019

3 Steps To Move From Competition To Collaboration

You may be naturally competitive. Or perhaps you aren’t. Either way, ENVY did make it onto the list of the 7 deadly sins.  Don’t worry, it’s also considered a “strength” – something to be leveraged! – by Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment.  Either way you view it, the likelihood that you’ve experienced feeling competitive at work – the place you spend the majority of your waking hours – is pretty high.

Learn how to leverage your feelings to help maximize your impact and become a high performer with three helpful tips.

Why bother?  It’s proven that you’ll do better if and when your competition does better.  And the reverse is true…when their performance worsens, yours may too!

Name Your Feelings

“Why him?”

“How did she land that account?”

“Of course they closed the account, they had a...

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