How to Engage Others to Move an Issue Forward, Without Ticking Them Off

May 22, 2018

My post on 4/3 tackled getting into alignment at work and it was a doozie!  Many of you had requests to go a bit deeper into the content, so I am breaking it in pieces to share a bit more about each of the “7 Ways To Get Alignment At Work” (and in life!).  This is an expansion of tip #5: Ask Questions and Listen

Focus on Them

If you’re working to get alignment with others, you have to make it about them first.  What are their opinions on the situation or topic?

This should be a balanced approach, as you want your interaction to be forward-looking and solution-focused and not appear to accuse them of anything.  Often, before we get there we need to allow the other person to “catch up.”  Specifically, you want to understand how the other person believes they are impacting the situation/outcomes.  There’s a dance that needs to happen here:

  • Share what you believe is the situation.  Ask for their thoughts.
  • ...
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