6 Scientific Steps to Advance Your Career

Jun 03, 2019

I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants gal. Well, at least at my core. But, the reality of 25 years in the workforce, coaching leaders and owning my own businesses have taught me two things. One, that establishing rhythm can help with your mental and physical health. Two, that establishing processes can help you get to more creative, more impactful outcomes in the end. That rhythm and those processes can be extremely beneficial to you and your career.

The Scientific Method + Your Career

Most people I talk to want one thing – to be more fulfilled in their work. Perhaps they feel it’s not the best fit. Or they know they aren’t giving their best. Or they feel a distracting itch to do something different. Any of this sounds familiar?

Whatever the cause of the feeling, the desire to be more fulfilled is achievable. IF we approach it like a scientist would.

1. Name The Problem

If you are feeling unfulfilled at work, can’t decide what you want to be...

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Feeling Lost? Evaluate Your Strengths to Maximize Your Career

Feb 19, 2019

This is part 3 of a 7-part series on “Reclaiming Your Voice At Work” that explores the different reasons our voice and impact weakens over time and strategies to reclaim it.

Whether you are an introvert, extrovert, ambivert or omnivert, we each have amazing traits and aspects of ourselves that can also jam us up if not managed and nurtured.  These traits can be our strongest tools or our biggest downfalls in determining our career growth.

Through increasing your understanding of how your style and strengths can affect your career, you’ll be more in control of how you show up and maximize your impact!

Good Day, Bad Day

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “dark side.”  The meaning can vary, but overall it has a negative context.  I would argue that by embracing both sides of us we’ll be more self-aware, which is the number one predictor of success for executives. Instead of squelching our dark side, we can learn to be aware of...

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Reclaim Your Voice at Work

Jan 24, 2019

Companies are diligent about sharing their values, big goals and often even the rules of engagement.  These are typically pretty straightforward. What can be confusing are the unspoken rules at work. The underlying messages that exist, but aren’t shared, can jam us up in both our work and in our work relationships.

Over time, we tire of the confusion and we get discouraged.  We stop speaking up. We accept the status quo and bite our tongue.  But who is that serving? It’s time to reclaim your voice using two simple strategies for confidence and impact.

Keep A Thought Journal

Are you new in your role and don’t feel comfortable sharing ideas just yet?  Perhaps you work for a leader or company who you don’t feel welcomes your ideas?  Maybe you don’t feel confident in your own abilities? (Imposter syndrome, anyone?!?!)  

Let’s start here.  

  • As you go throughout your day, write down ideas, thoughts and feelings that...
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