Oakes Co. exists to restore humanity into our work and workplaces.  We do that through supporting the world of work on both ends of the spectrum - the employees and the leaders/company. 

Not that we think they should be separated by a large chasm.

But, because they have unique needs.

Employees... Oakes Co. works to empower and equip you to be impactul INTRApreneurs who own your time, talents and maximize your impact.

Companies and leaders... We work to support your individual, collective and company growth by strengthening your leadership clarity and execution, strategy and culture, and humanity.

Through strategic consulting and leadership/executive coaching, we serve start-ups, small, and mid-sized organizations to:

  • Aid in organizational performance/effectiveness through program and system design, effectiveness audits, performance coaching, employer branding, people operations, change management, and people strategy.
  • Provide partnership, presence, and inspiration to individuals, teams, and organizations to keep us all moving forward, with a focus on restoring humanity into our work and workplaces.
  • Program design for effectiveness and engagement, including remote work and diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Provide keynotes and workshops in person and virtually.

Client successes include:

  • Founder Coach for the world's foremost freshwater seed accelerator, BREW: provided 1:1 coaching for founders to aid in maintaining both a healthy mind and well-balanced priorities during the accelerator, coached co-founders on conflict management to reduce organizational failure, advised on team design, advised on investment pitches.
  • Increased effectiveness of a National Institutes of Health (NIH) research program through the design and implementation of new structure, upskilling leadership practices and behaviors, providing team and individual performance coaching, assisting in repair of fractured community relationships.
  • Interim Head of People for an organization with a focus on the engagement and performance of all levels: designed new processes, increased client satisfaction, and partnered on the restructure of HR.
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